Get to Know Brandy Alexander

What is your current job or role?

As owner of Forty Blue, a sole proprietorship, I provide writing and communications consulting services. My passion lies in using communications internally and externally in ways that help my clients achieve their business and marketing goals. Some examples of my work include defining and developing brand, identity; articulating brand, product or project messages; developing communications strategy and plans; and managing execution of communications.

Who are your clients?

My clients are marketing and advertising leaders, Fortune 500 managers and entrepreneurs who need help defining and delivering their unique message to customers, investors, employees and other audiences. My focus is in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, technology and professional services sectors.

In your current job, what gives you the greatest sense of reward and accomplishment?

When done effectively, communication solves a problem. I love listening closely and honing it on the pain points – what keeps clients up at night – so we can work from the most authentic starting point in designing a solution. My greatest sense of reward is when the client relationship enables both of us to be at our best: the client’s trust in my ability and understanding increases the potential for creativity, calculated risk-taking, and ideas that produce exceptional outcomes.

What is your greatest personal or professional accomplishment?

Rather than point to one event or milestone in my life I believe the greatest accomplishment I can strive for is to seek the highest level of authenticity and truth in everything. In our jobs and in our lives, when we experience and embrace the full range of emotions that are available to us – from joy and appreciation to sadness and fear – there Is rich ground for personal growth, compassion for others and development of wisdom.

With your level of experiences, what words of wisdom could you offer someone who is working hard to make their career grow?

Be the same person at work that you are at home – and being real and putting your heart into what you do enriches your life, makes work feel less like work and deepens connections with those you interact with. Redefine your definition of opportunity. It goes far beyond obvious job offers and role changes, and grows with the depth you put into everyday exchanges and in how you engage yourself in your job. Let go of controlling the path or thinking you already know the outcome – if you immerse yourself fully in the present, the next step will reveal itself at the right time. Be resilient. Listen is grossly underrated: first understand, and then seek to be understood. Be generous with your advice and your time. Pursue an aspect of your industry that nobody wants to touch or is good at, then get good at it and make yourself indispensible. Do the things you fear the most. Never be afraid to ask a question: everyone else is wondering the same thing but is afraid to ask. Stay wildly curious. Recognize the unique value you bring and what makes your skill set or approach different, and if you don’t yet know it, discover and articulate it for yourself. Be brave and shine on.

What have you found most valuable about being a member of PSHRM?

In my experiences as a PSHRM marketing communications committee member over the last year, I’ve come to learn that PSHRM is an organization that is very much alive with people who are committed, motivated, and highly engaged. Being part of the energy of this volunteer group has been inspiring and uplifting.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Singing harmony, playing guitar, tambourine and the violin. Reading short stories, poetry and books about psychology, belief and behavior systems. Cooking (and eating) all types of food, including authentic Mexican, Thai, Italian and Indian. Doing the Merl Reagle crossword puzzle in the Saturday Inquirer (highly recommended for crossword buffs!) Experiencing live music: Indie rock, classical. Practicing hatha yoga. Enjoying a pint of IPA or whatever happens to be on the nitro tap. Taking long walks in the Doylestown cemetery.   Experiencing new places, food, people and culture.

If given an opportunity to do something really extraordinary or adventurous, what would it be and why?

Simple though it may seem, I believe everyday is an extraordinary adventure. Aside from that, I would try skydiving and hope I could live to try it a second time. I would travel the world, visiting the small, lesser-known cities and towns, enjoying meals with locals and sharing stories. I would drive cross country and back with someone I love. I would open a food truck. I would stop thinking about writing that book and actually write it.

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