L&D Professionals of Greater Philadelphia Professional Series

What separates “okay” virtual learning from great virtual learning? The program design! Good design is what drives an interactive, facilitated, virtual learning experience that dazzles participants. If you want to create collaborative virtual training that participants clamor to attend, then join us to explore the design techniques used by the best virtual facilitators. You will learn to capitalize on the visual strengths of web conferencing, rethink interactive participation, increase collaboration, and captivate with a good story. Learn how to leverage interaction tools like open chat, polling, annotation, short video, streaming video, emoticons and breakout rooms to create a facilitated virtual classroom environment. Understand why you must design for a specific web platform in order to make virtual learning shine. The facilitator and a host/producer will model design and delivery skills in a live demonstration webinar.

By the end of this six-hour workshop, you will be able to:

  • Increase interaction in the virtual classroom
  • Use the interaction tools to fully engage learners
  • Avoid common webinar errors that undermine your effectiveness

Use code: ldphillyvirtual