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Our HR Fresh Take podcast serves to provide insight on the latest, statewide, national, and global happenings impacting our HR community from the perspective of local Philly HR, talent, and business leaders. Our goal is to provide timely, local insight to our Human Resources community that is easily applicable to their workforce and workplace.


Host and Executive Producer – Joanna “Dr. Jo” Vazquez, Ed.D., SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Co-Host and Producer – Kaela Blanks, SHRM-SCP

Shakema Appleton
Brisilda Doma
Kena Sears, MBA
Ragine Williams, M.S.

Sound Engineer and Editor – Jimmy Goodman, Leopard Studio

Episode 1

Episode 2: Tomorrow’s Workplace is Today’s

Organizations are expected to be agile as the demand for hybrid and remote work continues to be strong. Across most industries, companies and workers have experienced its benefits and its headaches.  Now more than ever, organizations are being expected to evolve their workplaces and workspaces to meet this demand.

In this episode, we chat with our guest, Jameel Rush, Director of Inclusion Programs at Google, on the challenges in defining what it means to “be at work”.  We’ll discuss how organizations can meet the unique needs of a diverse workforce that are both in physical and virtual workspaces. We’ll also talk about what to consider when scheduling “off hour” activities to maximize participation and that are inclusive and fun.

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Episode 1: The Myth of Quiet Quitting

The term “quiet quitting” went viral this past summer for its counter-narrative to the “hustle culture” mentality. Organizations have traditionally looked for superstar performers who are enthusiastic and motivated about their role and are willing to go the extra mile.

Our workforce is experiencing burnout due to the challenges over the past few years. The traditional level of engagement is hard to be expected from our talent when organizations are not focusing on the true problem.

In this episode, we’ll dive into insights from our guest, Anna Greenwald, Founder/CEO of On the Goga, on getting to the root cause of quiet quitting and how we can address burnout in our organizations.

More about Anna…

Anna Greenwald is a wellbeing and future of work expert. Through her work as the founder CEO of On the Goga, she has supported teams including Johnson & Johnson, PwC, L’Oreal, GrubHub, and Lyft to improve wellbeing. Greenwald is a TEDx Speaker and adjunct professor of mindfulness and wellbeing at Drexel University.

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