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Our HR Fresh Take podcast serves to provide insight on the latest, statewide, national, and global happenings impacting our HR community from the perspective of local Philly HR, talent, and business leaders. Our goal is to provide timely and local perspectives and solutions to our Human Resources community that could be applicable to their workforce and workplace.


Host and Executive Producer – Joanna “Dr. Jo” Vazquez, Ed.D., SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Co-Host and Producer – Kaela Blanks, SHRM-SCP


  • Shakema Appleton
  • Brisilda Doma
  • Ed Rogers
  • Kena Sears, MBA
  • Theresa Velykis
  • Ragine Williams, M.S.

Sound Engineer and Editor – Jimmy Goodman, Leopard Studio


Season 2:

Episode 1: A New Approach to Prioritizing Mental Health at Work

The importance of mental health awareness has never been so prevalent in the public consciousness. Employers who realize how critical this concern is to employees and potential employees will engender not only loyalty in their current people but will gain meaningful interest in those they seek to attract.

Conversely, those employers who ignore the importance of mental health as immaterial or who dismiss its significance by relying on the “back in my day” rationale may be doomed.

For this podcast, we’ll talk with Michael Cohen, partner in Duane Morris’ Employment, Labor, Benefits and Immigration practice group. We’ll take a deeper dive on this topic as well as provide practical, human-centric and business-focused ways that incorporates “Relentless Incrementalism” to continually move forward and create an environment that truly supports employees’ needs.

More about Michael….

Michael S. Cohen is a partner in Duane Morris’ Employment, Labor, Benefits and Immigration practice group. Michael concentrates his practice in the areas of employment law counseling and training and routinely conducts in excess of 200 trainings each year. He has been cited as a national authority on human resources and employment law issues in the New York Times, Associated Press, USA Today, HR magazine, SHRM Online and many more. In addition to being an attorney and a speaker, Michael is a devoted husband, a girl dad to two powerful young women and a softball coach to some of the fiercest athletes in Philly.

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Next episode: Leadership Development Trends in the Next Decade

Season 1:

Episode 5 – HR as Thought Leaders?

Historically, human resources professionals are not considered thought leaders within their organizations.  Stereotypes of HR of only a “support” function can get in the way.  However, human resources professionals are well positioned to take on the role of thought leader and can have tremendous impact on people, organizations, and even society, including inspiring innovation and championing change.

As we conclude Season One of HR Fresh Take, we’ll chat with our guest, Gary Dumais, Psy.D., Business Psychologist and Human Resource Consultant at Select Human Resources. We will discuss why human resources professionals tend not to be perceived as thought leaders, and how they can be.

Also joining in the discussion are Co-hosts Kaela Blanks and Kena Sears.

This episode is a follow up to an article published in the Philly SHRM newsletter entitled: “Is HR Supposed to Think Differently? How to Be a Thought Leader”.  Link to link to the article can be found here.

 More on Gary….

Gary Dumais, Psy.D., SPHR is a Business Psychologist & Human Resource Consultant at Select Human Resources. Specializing in people-assessment, he profiles people for jobs, protects companies from bad hiring decisions, and provides executive coaching. He has over 20 years of experience working with top-tier HR firms and companies. Gary has a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, bachelor degrees in Psychology and Health & Human Services, and is a thought leader content contributor to Philadelphia SHRM.

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Special Episode – The World of Work in 2030 

How we work has changed dramatically over the past few years. That change has lead to new work models, emerging workforce trends, and constantly evolving technology to sustain an organization’s operations. The uncertainty surrounding the future of work will be the most disruptive and definitive business challenges of the next decade.

In this special supersized episode, our podcasts hosts got the perspective from 9 of our nationally and locally recognized speakers from the Philly SHRM Symposium on the future of work. We wanted to take dive deep into what they thought the world of work looks like in 2030, how it will affect the Philly region, and what we as HR professionals can do now to meet the challenge.

You can listen to all of our speakers or to your favorite one. The choice is yours.

Here are the speakers in order of which they are recorded:

  • Marcus Allen, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence.
  • Raymond Lee, Founder and President of Careerminds.
  • Joyel Crawford, CEO/Founder, Author, Leadership Consultant, Crawford Leadership Strategies.
  • Cait Russell, Director of Neurodiversity Employment Network: Philadelphia.
  • Michael Brenner, Founder and CEO of Right Chord Leadership.
  • Brandyn Campbell, President and Founder, DEI Consultant, Brandyn Campbell Communications LLC.
  • Gary DuMais, Business Psychologist & Human Resource Consultant at Select Human Resources.
  • Andre Young, Professional Speaker, Author, and Leadership Trainer; Founder of You Evolving Now Now, LLC.
  • Theresa Velykis, President of Philadelphia SHRM.

We hope you enjoy listening to their perspectives and have a few takeaways that resonate with you and your organization.

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Episode 4 – “The Great Awakening” Revisited

As a follow-up to our fall Premier Signature event, “The Great Awakening”, we’re inviting back our speaker, Bobbi Kelly, Director-in-Charge of Talent Advisory at Kreischer Miller, to give us her local take on a national topic. During her initial presentation, Bobbi Kelly took us through the forces of disengagement driving the “Great Resignation” and how we can counter-balance it. Bobbi will walk us through her solution to achieving talent optimization that doesn’t lose sight of driving great results within our organizations. We’ll also dive deeper into the key takeaways that will help us reduce turnover, improve company culture, and engage the workforce.

More about Bobbi…

Bobbi leads Kreischer Miller’s Talent Advisory practice, which helps companies align their business strategy with their people strategy. Utilizing a proprietary framework, she works with client organizations to equip their business leaders with the tools and data they need to hire and retain top performers and create high performing teams. The result is an intentionally-designed people plan that increases productivity, builds a winning culture, and creates the flexibility a company needs to adapt to change over time

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Episode 3: Compensation in the Age of Inflation

As we know, labor is the highest cost to an organization. As inflation continues to impact our economy, the effects are not only impacting our supply chains, but also our talent pipelines. Not to mention there’s an ongoing pandemic, advancements in social justice, and the great resignation have made it a candidate’s market, so companies have to pay top dollar for top talent.

During this episode, we’ll be chatting with our guest, Alison DiFlorio, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Exude Human Capital, to take this to the local level to understand how the national issue of inflation is impacting here in our own city of Philadelphia. Alison will discuss what we, as employers, could be doing differently to remain competitive in today’s talent landscape. She’ll be giving us tips and questions to consider when you’re setting up your compensation and workforce strategy.

More about Alison…

Alison DiFlorio, SHRM-CP is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the Exude Human Capital Division. She co-founded the division in 2006 after more than 20 years in HR and training/development roles in the corporate sector. Exude Human Capital provides expertise in the areas of human resources, diversity/equity/inclusion and leadership development. In her role, she serves as a thought partner to both clients and consultants to ensure success. She is the co- host of The Morning Blend, a quarterly webinar series focused on HR and Legal updates, and regularly conducts webinars seminars on human capital topics.

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Episode 2: Tomorrow’s Workplace is Today’s

Organizations are expected to be agile as the demand for hybrid and remote work continues to be strong. Across most industries, companies and workers have experienced its benefits and its headaches.  Now more than ever, organizations are being expected to evolve their workplaces and workspaces to meet this demand.

In this episode, we chat with our guest, Jameel Rush, Director of Inclusion Programs at Google, on the challenges in defining what it means to “be at work”.  We’ll discuss how organizations can meet the unique needs of a diverse workforce that are both in physical and virtual workspaces. We’ll also talk about what to consider when scheduling “off hour” activities to maximize participation and that are inclusive and fun.

More about Jameel…

Jameel leads the organization that supports Google’s employee resource groups, executive councils, and diversity programs for over 40,000 Googlers across 70 different countries. Prior to his role with Google, Jameel held roles leading diversity, equity, and inclusion for Aramark and The Philadelphia Inquirer. He has over 15 years of global talent management and human resources experience having worked in leadership development, organizational development, HR Business Partner, and talent management roles across several public and private organizations. He has his master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and Development from St. Joseph’s University and is a graduate from Temple University with a bachelor’s in business administration focusing on Human Resource Management and Management Information Systems.

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Episode 1: The Myth of Quiet Quitting

The term “quiet quitting” went viral this past summer for its counter-narrative to the “hustle culture” mentality. Organizations have traditionally looked for superstar performers who are enthusiastic and motivated about their role and are willing to go the extra mile.

Our workforce is experiencing burnout due to the challenges over the past few years. The traditional level of engagement is hard to be expected from our talent when organizations are not focusing on the true problem.

In this episode, we’ll dive into insights from our guest, Anna Greenwald, Founder/CEO of On the Goga, on getting to the root cause of quiet quitting and how we can address burnout in our organizations.

More about Anna…

Anna Greenwald is a wellbeing and future of work expert. Through her work as the founder CEO of On the Goga, she has supported teams including Johnson & Johnson, PwC, L’Oreal, GrubHub, and Lyft to improve wellbeing. Greenwald is a TEDx Speaker and adjunct professor of mindfulness and wellbeing at Drexel University.

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