Learn more about those Philly SHRM questions you may be asking yourself! If you don’t see your question on this list, feel free to email us at info@phillyshrm.org and we will reply to your email within 48 hours of receipt. Thanks for your partnership with Philly SHRM!


How do I become a member of the Philly SHRM chapter?

For detailed information on becoming a member of Philly SHRM, please click here.

Does it cost any money to designate to Philly SHRM?

If you already have a National SHRM membership, Philly SHRM membership is only $49!

I’m already designated to another SHRM chapter and really want to join Philly SHRM too. Can I designate with the Philadelphia SHRM chapter too?

Unfortunately you can only designate to one chapter at a time. To change your local chapter, please visit your MySHRM profile, choose Philly SHRM under Chapter Association and continue to the cart to process your transaction. If you have any difficulty, please email info@phillyshrm.org with your request to designate to Philly SHRM, your full contact information and SHRM ID number. Then, we will reply to your email with next steps. This is processed every Friday with updates given the following Monday. From there you can start enjoying the member benefits.

I can’t remember my log-in information for the Philly SHRM website. What do I do?

Click here to access the log-in page, and choose ‘forgot password’ which will trigger the information to be emailed to you. Please note, your log-in information for the Philly SHRM website is different than your log-in information for SHRM National’s website. This is often confused. If you have never logged into the Philly SHRM website or are not a current member, you will need to sign in as a visitor before creating a profile.

What are the benefits of joining Philadelphia SHRM?

Our chapter provides its members a wide array of services designed to enhance the skills and development of HR individuals by offering professional/career development, networking opportunities, volunteering opportunities, and events to help you stay current on cutting edge HR practices. Please click here to learn even more about the value of membership and how Philly SHRM can assist you in advancing your HR career.

Do you have regular meetings?

Philly SHRM does host a variety of events throughout the year– all allowing time for networking, learning and connecting with members, guests and our industry leaders from the Philadelphia area. There are membership appreciation events throughout the year, quarterly micro learning webcasts, quarterly workshops, Emerging Leaders events, our annual Symposium and so much more – we urge everyone to get involved by attending these events. Please click here for our event calendar and secure your registration.

Are non-members allowed to attend events?

Yes, non-members are welcome (and extremely urged) to attend any Philly SHRM event. Non-members do pay a higher registration fee than our members. Please remember, Philly SHRM is free to designate to if you are already a SHRM national member.

I’m trying to register for an event, and the only option I am being given is the non-member pricing, but I’m a member. What can I do?

If you are a member of SHRM National but have not designated to the Philadelphia chapter, you must do that to receive member pricing along with all the chapter’s benefits. Please click here for instructions on how to designate to Philly SHRM. If you believe you are already designated to Philly SHRM, please email info@phillyshrm.org with your full name, email, phone number, and SHRM ID number. We are happy to assist you as this can often be confusing.

Where can I obtain a receipt for my registration to a Philly SHRM event?

After you registered for the event, a receipt was automatically sent to you. Please reference the confirmation email that you received to obtain the payment confirmation information. If you cannot locate your confirmation email, please contact us at info@phillyshrm.org.

I’m interested in speaking at a Philadelphia SHRM event. Who do I contact with to find out more details?

We welcome all potential speakers to our chapter, but please keep in mind our programs are typically planned a year in advance. Our call for speakers goes out in May, and applications are accepted during that time frame. Be assured submissions will be reviewed in a timely manner. Please note, due to our non-profit status, there is very limited (if any) compensation for speaking. If you have any questions email us at info@phillyshrm.org.

I registered for an event but I no longer can attend. May I request a refund?

We do not give refunds after a registration has been submitted and processed for an event. However, we do have the opportunity for the registrant to transfer his/her registration to someone else, or apply it to a future event within the calendar year of September through June.

I am a young professional in HR, how can I get involved?

The Philly SHRM Emerging HR Leaders group is perfect for you as it is dedicated to engaging HR  professionals with roughly 0-8 years of HR experience, including college students interested in working in HR post-graduation. There are networking events, career development sessions, local student SHRM chapter support, and scholarships. Check out the details here.

Are webinars offered recorded, and, if so, how are they obtained?

Philly SHRM members and non-members must register and pay the fee to participate in the webinars; if a registrant is unable to attend, a recorded version of the webinar is available by sending us an email info@phillyshrm.org. We will send you the recording – along with the critical slides to the presentation.

How do I become more involved in Philly SHRM?

Philly SHRM is always looking to engage our members – and volunteering is a great way to connect with the chapter! If you would like to volunteer for Philly SHRM, please click here to learn more and complete the form to let us know more about you. Please know your submission will be reviewed and someone from our board will be in touch.

My company/business would like to partner with Philly SHRM? How do I learn more and get started?

Philly SHRM is always looking for opportunities to create valuable partnership to benefit their members. In order to ensure the partnership vision you have is within the chapter’s vision, please review our pre-requisites, and if appropriate, fill out the online partnership form and someone will contact you shortly. It is important all areas are reviewed prior to submitting the form. Partnerships are thoroughly reviewed, considered and a follow-up will be requested if there is interest to pursue the request.

How do I post events on the programming calendar?

Philly SHRM welcomes all event information, but because of the volume of requests our chapter receives, we will post only select, appropriate HR events on our HR regional calendar. Please email info@phillyshrm.org with your event information to see if your event is approved.

Can Philly SHRM send an email to its members for my upcoming event or service?

Philly SHRM welcomes all event information but because of the volume of requests our chapter receives, we can only send a limited number of emails to our membership. Select events can be included in our partner emails, for the cost of $350. To have your event considered, please email info@phillyshrm.org with your event details.

How can my company become a sponsor of Philly SHRM?

We have a variety of sponsorship packages and opportunities located here. We also want to ensure you have the best possible opportunity with our chapter. There is the ability to work together on a package that makes sense for your need. If you don’t see what you are looking for online, please contact us at info@phillyshrm.org  and we will be happy to discuss the options! We welcome all opportunities to partner with us.

If I’d like to receive communications from Philly SHRM, how do I get added to the email list?

Please email info@phillyshrm.org with your name, title, company and email address.

If I no longer want to receive emails from Philly SHRM, how do I unsubscribe?

There is a link at the bottom of all Philly SHRM emails that says “Unsubscribe.” Please click on this link and follow the appropriate steps to unsubscribe from Philly SHRM e-blasts. Please know if you are a member and select to be removed, you will no longer receive any communications from the chapter.

If I need to change the email address where I am currently receiving Philly SHRM emails, how can I do that?

Click here to log in to your account and update your contact information and communication preferences. Or request the change by emailing us at info@phillyshrm.org – be sure to include your old email address and new email address.


What is the process to post a job on your website’s job bank?

Both members and non-members are able to pay a fee to post a job on the job bank. Please click here for more information! There is a blue box on the right-hand side that will give you information on pricing, the posting process and how to view resumes.

Are there more resources for becoming Certified in the HR profession?

Yes, Philly SHRM strongly encourages its members to pursue SHRM certification, and we offer study groups 2 times per year to assist you in getting certified! There are many details located here that will help advance you in this part of the profession.

How do I obtain my SHRM or HRCI Credit form after an event I attended?

All in-person or virtual events that are approved for SHRM or HRCI credits – attendees will get a certificate which is emailed upon completion of the event survey.  All requests should go to info@phillyshrm.org.

How do I obtain my SHRM or HRCI Credit form after an online webinar event I participated in?

All online events that are approved for SHRM or HRCI credits will have a certificate emailed to each participant after the webinar concludes and a survey is completed. To confirm participation, the attendee must complete a survey, and the form will be emailed within 3 days of request.

How do I contact the Philly SHRM President, board members or committee members?

The President, Board Members and Committee Members can be reached by sending your message to info@phillyshrm.org, and your email will be routed to the appropriate party. Please do know each board leader does receive quite a few emails so a response can take a couple weeks based on priority of the email message.

What is the general contact information for Philly SHRM?

Philly SHRM (Philly SHRM)
P.O. Box 1155
c/o Seamless Events
Havertown, PA 19083