The Thought Leadership Committee shares the ideas and solutions generated organically through these Peer Groups via blogging and other social media outlets. We are always seeking members to join the leadership committee in a leadership as a volunteer.

Get Involved

We’re seeking:

  • HR professionals who regularly attend and contribute to an HR Peer Group.
  • HR leaders who are interested in helping facilitate HR peer group meetings in which HR practitioners get together in person, or via phone or video conference to discuss and troubleshoot real problems that they’re facing and solving for the organizations they support.
  • Recruit and launch a new HR Peer Group in the Greater Philadelphia area
  • Outgoing HR practitioners who want to engage with other Philadelphia area HR professionals through social media to help connect them with Philly SHRM; blog, tweet, share, and post ideas and content generated by the HR Peer Groups.
  • Excellent writers who are interested in attending and blogging about Philly SHRM events and webinars.