Marketing and Communications Committee

The Marketing/Communications Committee manages the marketing and public relations for the chapter. The goal is to engage Philly SHRM members by keeping membership informed of chapter initiatives, activities, and upcoming meetings. While also sharing relevant professional information that Philly SHRM members find beneficial. Including managing the newsletter, website, social media, etc.

  • LaRhonda Green- Vice President, Marketing and Communications
  • Ragine Williams- Vice President, Marketing and Communications
  • Alex Stein

Sponsorships Committee

The Sponsorship Committee is chartered with raising money for the annual symposium conference and ongoing chapter programming. Our goal is to not only drive revenue to pay for the symposium, but also to drive awareness about chapter benefits and how companies can receive exposure to the Philadelphia business community through sponsorship.

  • Guy Cook- Vice President, Sponsorships
  • Pamela Cincelli- Vice President, Sponsorships
  • Samantha Schiff
  • Bridget Ologbonade
  • Gretchan Wallace

Programming Committee

The Programming Committee provides professional development programming to the Greater Philadelphia area to help those looking to elevate the impact they have in their industries. Web Programming is specifically responsible for professional development webinars offered during the year.

  • Shakema Appleton- Director, Webinars, Programming
  • Kimberlyann Huegel- Vice President, Programming
  • Richard Foronjy- Director, Day Programming
  • Lindsay Blazynski

Emerging Leaders Committee

The Philly SHRM Emerging Leaders Committee is dedicated to engaging HR professionals with roughly 0- 8 years of HR experience including college students, young professionals, and career transitioners.

  • Kaela Blanks- Vice President, Emerging Leaders
  • Ryan Colomy- Vice President, Emerging Leaders
  • Justine Sloyer
  • Julie Garcia
  • Alyssa Bennett
  • Andrea Boozer
  • Gabrielle Torres

Workforce Readiness Committee

The Workforce Readiness (WR) committee is dedicated to supporting workforce initiatives that that close talent and skill gaps for HR and business. WR will use its resources (workforce partners, community/corporate partnerships, higher education, etc.) to make an impact through educational workshops, webinars, events, and thought leadership.

  • Dawn Bruno- Vice President, Workforce Readiness
  • Kena Sears-Brown- Vice President, Workforce Readiness
  • Nida Prukpitkul

Thought Leadership Committee

The Thought Leadership Committee strives to help the Philly SHRM chapter meet its goal to connect and develop the Philadelphia business community. For the chapter to meet that goal, the thought leadership committee shares the ideas and solutions generated via blogging and other media outlets. The committee stays current on business and HR trends to share with the broader community.

  • Melissa Sims- Vice President, Thought Leadership
  • Dennis Paris- Vice President, Thought Leadership
  • Samantha Welch
  • Tiasha Walton
  • Peter Dolan
  • Tiffany Fields

Communities and Partnerships

The Communities and Partnerships Committee serves as an HR resource for local businesses in the Philadelphia area operating with a small HR Team.

  • Kristina Syvarth- Vice President, Communities and Partnerships
  • Danita Jones- Vice President, Communities and Partnerships
  • Shrina Patel
  • Tonya Oneil


The Membership committee hosts in person and virtual networking events designed to celebrate Philly SHRM’s members.

  • Noel Ridlon- Vice President, Membership
  • Debby Derricks- Vice President, Membership
  • Alex Simpson- Director
  • Jamie Krakow


The Symposium Committee coordinates the annual Philly SHRM symposium each year by bringing in the top business leaders to discuss contemporary topics during a two day event.

  • Mikal Harden- Chair, Symposium
  • Juliette Finney- Vice President, Symposium Programming
  • Edward Rogers- Director, Preconference, Symposium Programming
  • Dominic Micali, Director, Symposium Programming
  • Christina Amendola
  • Rebecca Senopoulos
  • Stephanie Pharo
  • Therese Valdez
  • Lindsay Lenow
  • Andrew DiCamillo


The Certification committee brings you two SHRM Certification prep courses each calendar year to facilitate career development among its members.

  • Karla Hill- Vice President
  • Margeaux Bernhard- Vice President