Beacon Networking Event

Out of the Shark Tank:

Navigating Turbulent Waters – Getting Innovation, Disruption and Transformation Right

Lessons from Successful CEO’s


“Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

That used to be enough for financial success and longevity.  The same cannot be said today, where the marketplace requires more than just “better.”

The Industrial Revolution was built upon mass production, being able to manufacture more at a lower price and shorter production cycle.  Market entry required a large investment in equipment and material, so competition was limited.  Continued success depended on being faster and cheaper.

Today, technology has created a new world for growth and financial viability.  A large investment is not always required for market entry.  Competition can come from long-standing industry experts to high school students sitting on laptops and home computers.  Individuals who do need funding reach out to angels, venture capitalists, and let’s not forget the Internet’s “Go Fund Me” campaigns.

Join in the discussion of how to cope in the world of innovation, disruption, and transformation, which is today’s market reality.  Whether you are a “solo-preneur,” a small business wanting to grow, or a medium to larger organization with grand visions, it’s critical to understand what is needed to be successful in today’s marketplace.  Discover how you can approach innovation and transformation and rise to the top of the food chain after you leave the shark tank.

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