How to Adopt a Dynamic Communication Perspective in Coaching

Ilene C. Wasserman, Ph.D.

3.0 CCEUs (Core Competency)

As coaches, communication is how we connect with our clients. Having new ways to see what is transpiring when we communicate deepens our connection and effectiveness with our clients. Do you want to help your clients explore the unheard, unknown, untold, untellable stories involved in their challenges? Do you want to be able to identify the contextual forces within which the client lives and how they influence communications patterns, and to identify new possibilities for the future?
Then you can benefit from learning the principles and tools of Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM). CMM is both a practical and transformational theory developed by researchers and academics Barnett Pearce and Vern Cronin. It has been used throughout the world to help individuals and groups step back and notice what we are creating when we communicate with others. If we are able to transform our patterns of communication, then we gain powerful leverage for transforming relationships.
In this experiential session, Dr. Wasserman will share the principles of CMM as it applies to coaching, then guide participants through CMM tools, such as the Daisy, Hierarchy, Stories, Serpentine, and Strange Loop models. Participants will gain experience applying the tools to 2-3 coaching scenarios and learn how to bring the model and its application back to their practice.
You will be invited to share a story about a coaching challenge in small groups and using your case examples, learn how to apply the models, tools and frameworks in your practice. Learning objectives for this session:

  • To learn the basic principles and tools of CMM
  • To apply these principles and tools to coaching
  • To gain experience applying the tools
  • To learn how to bring the model and its application back to practice

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About our Speaker:

Ilene Wasserman

Ilene Wasserman, Ph.D., founder and president of ICW Consulting, has over 30 years of experience in Organizational Consulting, Executive Coaching, Strategic Planning, and Leadership Development. As founder and President of ICW Consulting, Ilene helps leaders and teams throughout organizations leverage multiple dimensions of domestic and global diversity by enhancing communication and collaboration. Ilene received her Ph.D. from the Fielding Graduate University in Human and Organizational Development. She also holds Masters degrees both in Counseling Psychology and Social Work from Washington University and a Bachelor degree from Cornell University in Human Development. For more information, you may visit her website at

Program Format:

  • 08:15 a.m. – 08:45 a.m.  Registration and Check-in
  • 09:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.  Workshop

The fee includes assorted drinks and a selection of nuts and dried fruits (please note that the Cira Centre does not permit any outside food or beverages).