Pending approval 1 HR Business Credit hour toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute.

Approved for 1 SHRM Professional Development Credit.

Philly SHRM Webinar

The need for corporate wellness programming has increased dramatically in the last two years, spurred by the May 2019 World Health Organization’s report naming burnout as a global organizational phenomenon to COVID-19’s severe mental and physical impact on workers and industries across the globe. As workers cope with ongoing challenges and lingering trauma, many are struggling with moderate-to-debilitating mental and emotional health challenges while also navigating continued uncertainty and fear. Keen executives know that this uncharted professional environment demands a strong call to action for employee care while also prioritizing the need to maintain and protect productivity. Unfortunately, many wellness plans and EAPs fall grossly short. This “new pandemic normal” demands progressive, modern solutions, including wellness models that center and prioritize emotional and mental health as we forge ahead.

Meet the speaker:

Jennifer Ciarimboli, Founder and CEO of studio BE, which offers progressive mindfulness training for the 21st-century workplace, as she shares her expert knowledge and experience with the studio BE hybrid model. This wellness solution leans into the broad reach, convenience and necessity of a robust e-learning platform with an emphasis on human connection. Learn why all of studio BE’s offerings were developed with mindfulness as the core foundation and essential tool with which to grow, develop and thrive.