Presented by Philadelphia Business Journal & UPMC WorkPartners

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Workers’ Compensation – are so complicated and fraught with problems many HR professionals often refer to them as the Bermuda Triangle of Employment Law. Costs of noncompliance have gotten the attention of the C-suite, and they are now encouraging internal departments to eliminate barriers between these previously siloed programs.  Join the Philadelphia Business Journal and UPMC WorkPartners as we bring together experts to discuss topics like:

  • How are FMLA benefits affected by the following:
    • Legal filings
    • Termination of workers’ compensation benefits
    • Denial of a workers’ compensation claim
  • How do employers generally handle the various streams of data from FMLA and Workers’ Compensation?
  • When does FMLA accrual not apply to WC claims?
  • Examples of ADAAA issues


Featured Panelists

  • Linda Croushore, Director of Disability Services, UPMC WorkPartners
  • Patrick Haughey, Associate VP of Workers Compensation, UPMC WorkPartners
  • Joesph E. Vaughan, Esq, Partner, O’Hagan, LLC
  • Jeff Nowak, JD, Partner, Franczek Radelet PC


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