Emerging Leaders Career Development - Session 3

How do you create opportunities for yourself to gain visibility, to grab attention, and keep yourself top of mind? How do you stand out and carve a career path that may be unconventional?

This course discusses the importance of owning your career and the value of mentorship/sponsorship. It will also cover how to be your whole authentic self and make yourself stand out in a good way.

Participants will learn the following: Why your visibility at work is important, learn the RISE methodology (a 4 step decision-making process) to identify visibility projects and best practices to make you more visible at work.

We welcome you to join us after the session for some casual, virtual networking.

Meet Our Speaker:

Joyel Crawford, MBA, CPCC, PHR is a Certified Professional Career Coach, Certified Virtual Presenter and Leadership Development Consultant at Crawford Leadership Strategies with over 20 years of experience in Human Resources and career management. When asked what she does- She says she “grows leaders for a living.” She is host of a podcast called Career View Mirror . She’s the author of Amazon Bestseller-“Show Your Ask: Using Your Voice to Advocate for Yourself and Your Career.” She’s also the co-author of Amazon’s Bestselling book “Speaking My Truth” presented by Cheryl Wood where she shares her personal story of “How To RISE from the Ashes of Burnout.”