In 1990, November was formally recognized at a national level by the U.S President and our Congress as Native American Heritage Month. This month is a time to learn about the indigenous communities of North America and the ancestral land we live and work on. Also, by marking the month with a formal proclamation, the President reaffirms our government’s commitment to honoring Tribal sovereignty, promoting Tribal self-determination, and upholding the United States’ solemn trust and treaty responsibilities to Tribal Nations. As citizens, we can support that commitment through learning about the traditions and culture of the indigenous Americans, the tribal lands we reside on, and our shared history.

We wanted to take the opportunity to share some ways you can learn more and celebrate this important month in Philadelphia and at your workplace!

Here are some ways you can celebrate at work*:

  1. Host a fundraiser or donate to a charity supporting Native American communities and Indigenous peoples. Poll your employees to see if there is a cause that is near and dear to them.  Impactful Ninja put together a 2022 list of the “9 Best Charities for Native Americans.”

  2. Acknowledge what indigenous land your office is on and share information about the original people, their tribe, and land facts. Check out | Our home on native land for an interactive map!

  3. Read a book by a Native American author and discuss. Here’s a list of

10 books by Native American authors to read during National Native American Heritage Month – OverDrive

  1. Host a Podcast discussion. Here is a curated list from!  Employees can listen in advance and the facilitator can prepare discussion questions.

My Favorite Native American Podcasts – Updated 2021 –

  1. Stream a PBS documentary and discuss.

  2. Take a field trip to a local museum that has an exhibit specific to Native American art, history, or culture!

*Please note: the media sources referenced above were not extensively reviewed by a member of Philly SHRM.  We encourage HR leaders to review content before sharing out with their employees, or provide a disclaimer “viewer discretion is advised.”

Check out what’s going on in Philadelphia!

  1. Check out Indigenous Peoples’ Day Philly, Inc. (IPD Philly). Their mission is to cultivate an active Native American/Indigenous presence in the city of Philadelphia through cultural, educational and community-building initiatives that uplift our Native traditions, creative economies, and histories.

Follow their Instagram page for frequent updates @ipdphilly !

  1. Visit the Penn Museum’s Native American Voices exhibit.

  2. The Barnes Foundation has exhibits featuring Native American work. Their mission is to promote the advancement of education and the appreciation of the fine arts and horticulture.

  3. The National Constitution Center is hosting a series of scholar talks and activities highlighting the history of American Indians, tribal governments, and their relationship to the U.S. Constitution and American democracy. Learn more here!